Broadcast schedule Barometer TV

Sunday 2 May at 5.30 pm the television broadcast of the program De Barometer on channel RTL-Z, in which Twinson Industrial Automation will be shown in a special on maritime technology. Director Erik van Os presents the company with unique images on location in the test and simulation center Simwave. The broadcast will be repeated on RTL-Z on Tuesday 4 May at 7.30 am, Wednesday 5 May at 4.30 pm and Friday 7 May at 10.30 am.

Publication: April 26, 2021
Barometer TV

Recording day RTL-Z

Thanks to our partner Simwave, we were able to make the recordings for the RTL-Z program the Barometer a success today. The aim of this program is to highlight professionals in niche markets and to explain their position in the industry. At the beginning of May, Twinson Industrial Automation can be seen in a special on maritime technology, among other things, but other topics in our field are also highlighted.

Publication: April 6, 2021

Website in German

Part of our clientele comes from or has an office in Germany. A number of interested potential customers surf our website with some regularity and of course most of the professionals in our field from the German-speaking population speak excellent English. But with important suppliers from Germany and Austria, it is also important to show your profile in that language. Since we also have a good command of the language, we now also have our website available in German.

Publication: April 1, 2021

Larotu Design

Website Duitstalig

Training Bachmann | atvise

As a specialist on the Bachmann | atvise system we also provide training in collaboration with 3fifty IT solutions. With a real.time plc setup for each participant, the engineer can get to work himself after a series of workshops, thereby expanding knowledge in this area. During implementation, the expertise of Twinson Industrial Automation can always be consulted to polish away the last imperfections.

Publication: March 26, 2021

Training Bachmann Atvise


‘Getting things just right’
Publication: February 23, 2021

Bachman - real-times

Digital New Year reception

New Year wish by Erik van Os

From the home office of Twinson Industrial Automation, forced to do so by the government measures against corona, director Erik van Os wishes all members of the Dutch Maritime Technology branch organization a healthy and successful 2021.

Publication: January 15, 2021

New location in business building

As of November 2020, Twinson Industrial Automation is located in business building Villa California, Escudostraat 2, 2991 XV Barendrecht.

Publication: November 2, 2020
Villa California

Sponsorship agreement C.A.V. Energie

On Wednesday, May 9, 2019, the sponsorship agreement between Twinson Industrial Automation and the Barendrecht athletics association C.A.V. Energie was signed during the first Twinson Energie Track meeting.

With a short ceremony, director Erik van Os and chairman Jan van der Hoek signed respectively on behalf of Twinson and Energie the formal documents that link the company to the club for 3 seasons. Twinson is responsible for sponsoring the major national events organized by the Competition Organization Committee.

The club will be able to realize innovative progress in, for example, results processing for all matches.

Publication: May 9, 2019
C.A.V. Energie

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