Different situations require different solutions – this is what we want to support with our services. With our innovative automation solutions and sound expertise, your project is in good hands.

Whether you need support with large or small automation projects, new automation and control systems, or maybe you are looking at modifying or improving existing production processes. We identify all your options for more efficient and more sustainable working methods.


With our total package of services, you are in good hands: from the preliminary phase up to and including delivery and after-sales.

Analysis and advice

Twinson ensures that your project is delivered on time and on budget. With the right resources and according to the agreed quality requirements. A structured plan with a clear vision is essential to achieve this.

This important first phase provides insight into your processes, your current levels of automation and how to optimize them. After identifying what is needed, we advise you on fast, flexible and efficient software and automation solutions.

innovative automation solutions

Functional and Technical design

After the analysis and advice phase, we compile a functional design that determines the operation and possibilities of the process or system in question. We also take into account the interfaces of any systems present.

The technical design then describes the technical methods behind the process and / or system. This explains how we build the software and where we will place installations. These design and operational principles will be clearly documented. After approval of the designs, we develop the control architecture in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines.

Of course, processes are dynamic and data can change. Therefore, we use Yellax’s Typical Manager engineering platform to guarantee continual knowledge and quality. With this, we generate technical documents such as electrical schematics, PLC / SCADA software, test reports and other data from one database. This ensures uniformity of project documentation and faster delivery of quality designs.

Software engineering / visualization / simulation

Based on the functional and technical designs defined earlier, the next phase involves the development of your system with Apollo IQ.This connects a variety of functions and modules in an efficient, and above all, manageable way. As such, software systems are always especially developed for your specific application. They are also very maintenance-friendly and adaptable.

The cooperation with developers of products of proven quality play a central role in this phase. For example, Twinson works with WinMOD, 20-sim and Unity 3D, which form a solid foundation for the development of software that can be used in various industries. By combining knowledge and experience, it is always possible to work efficiently with the latest technologies like visualization and simulation.

Atvise’s SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is used for the interaction, representation and storage of data. This software is easy to operate and its presentation is intuitive by nature. It is easy to learn, always accessible, and there are no display problems on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Hardware engineering / assembly

Systems need both hardware and software to function properly. Therefore, it is crucial that hardware and software engineering run in parallel. Thanks to a close cooperation between both disciplines, you are guaranteed the best automation solution for your project. This will be entirely in accordance with your wishes and specifications, as well as applicable standards and regulations.

To guarantee quality, we use automation and control technology from Bachmann electronic. Bachmann’s hardware platform is open to software tools such as the 20-sim simulation package from Controllab.

Therefore, controls can be virtually tested in advance. Known as a HIL simulation, this is a technique where machine controls are tested by connecting them to a simulated machine. Carrying out virtual testing beforehand provides an insight into the end result before commissioning, in addition to greatly reducing the time required for commissioning itself.


The actual commissioning of a system or installation is often an exciting moment. Ideally, there are minimal corrections to be made and everything goes as planned. Thanks to the tests during the previous stages, any errors have already been discovered. This means that the actual commissioning is carried out faster and with less risk.

By continuously simulating, validating and optimizing, you know that your system or installation complies with the functional and technical design documents and that it works in a user-friendly manner under operating conditions.

Service / maintenance / training

We provide clear user instructions after the commissioning process. We will guide you through the new working method for a smooth handover of the system or installation.

Of course, our work doesn’t end here. We will stay involved in your processes and will actively contribute to future improvements. Regular preventive maintenance and expert performance monitoring are also important – they prevent problems and ensure process continuity. Furthermore, we offer in-house, online and on-site training for Apollo IQ users who want to become familiar with or keep up to date with system techniques and methodologies.

The best services and products

Twinson follows developments in automatic industrialization closely in order to always provide you with the latest and best services that deliver profitable results.

Choosing cutting edge products and using the most up-to-date techniques will give you the edge in the industry!

What exactly does Industry 4.0 mean? There is no clear-cut definition for the term Industry 4.0. It is more of a collection of concepts such as Internet of Things (IoT), digitization and data integration, remote monitoring, multidisciplinary engineering, and control automation through machine learning and predictive analytics.

In essence, it is the ever-increasing digitization and automation of processes. This not only improves quality, but also leads to shorter processing times.

Twinson and Industry 4.0

Implementing an Industry 4.0 mindset, Twinson drives your business in the right direction using mature digital systems from a variety of partners who, through continual development of new technologies, enable you to make the transition to Industry 4.0.

The terms HIL (Hardware In the Loop) and SIL (Software In the Loop) refer to virtual simulation and commissioning. Involving the simulation and validation of hardware and software by means of virtualization, they can no longer be ignored in the modern automation world. They enable real-time simulations during the design and testing of automation projects, but without having to take into account the risks associated with working in a live environment.

Twinson and HIL / SIL

Twinson uses 20-sim and WinMOD from the software developers Controllab and Mewes & Partner GmbH to simulate and emulate industrial automation systems. These precision simulation models and emulation tests optimize the development process from design to commissioning. They provide more certainty and a short turnaround time so that you save costs and make the transition from a test to a live environment with confidence.

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